I am continuing my education. I am going for a Bachelor’s Degree in English. And considering how digitized the world has become I will be adding a few computer classes to help me with the competition in the business world. If  its the business of writing, that’s all the better. My head is full and I know there are great stories to be written.

I enjoy writing, camping, art ( creating and admiring ). A day without writing is like I have forgotten my vitamins. The world can be a dark place unless you shine your own light to guide yourself out of the tunnel. If you can’t find your place. Make your place.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,

    I like the theme. You’re probably not getting many page views. You have to publicize and bow down to the search engines. Your posts are too short for good SEO (search engine optimisation) and so are you titles. You need to think about keywords and tags too. I don’t like all the SEO, but I’m getting used to it and getting more subscribers and readers.

    You could improve this page and tell your readers more about yourself too. You have to engage your readers. No one reads unknown authors, they do judge a book by the name on it’s cover! You could use pictures too!

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