Not Always What it Seems

I do smile, just not as much as before. Staying focused isn’t as easy as it once was. I currently struggle with myself. I want to start back to school. It’s not just the money that is holding me back, though it is the main reason. Things have changed at my employer. Our hours 2014-05-29-16-34-42increased and would interfere with hours I need to use for my studies.

I am still fired up about getting my degree. But my passion for writing is starting to push for time as well. The internet at our home has become quite spotty with all of the people that have come down and are spending their winter. Snowbirds they are called, they do a lot of streaming of videos and the like.

All I want to do is get my degree. I want to take it in small bites. Like two classes at a time. As to not become overwhelmed. I believe I am going to have to make a go fund me account to get money up so I can get back into classes. I passed the first two out of three, so I feel I would do my best two classes at a time. Then take a small break to clear my head. Yes it will take me longer to graduate, but my grades will stay above average.

Today is going to be like any other day. While I have internet, I will be applying for more scholarships. Even if I have to break down and do it through my phone. I am not going to give up. I will still have my taxes, I can use them to pay for next couple classes.


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