If You Must

The tears in my eyes, have yet dried. My soul aches, feeling it has partially died. Without you near, the world I fear; not sure I can carry on. But if you must go, I cannot keep you.

The sun has left my days, the moon hidden from my nights. How torn apart my life will be, if I’m made to set you free. And if you must leave, then leave.

No smiles will dawn on my face, no more. The laughter has left,  I can’t even a giggle. Sad is my heart, the beats no longer yours. Beaten like the sands; of a weathered shore. But if you must part, you must.

My life will never be the same, I didn’t treat this like a game. If it was, I definitely lost; that is certain. The points were never in my favor. But if you must walk away, you must.


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