In My Head

Thoughts of an evil man, who had done evil things to someone that trusted him. A friend’s daughter that thought he was okay. For years she kept her mouth shut. She didn’t think anyone would believe her. But when she gathered the strength to tell, her mother said it was too late. That she was over eighteen and nothing could be done.

It really sucked for her, living in a small town of less than three thousand people. The fact that her parents weren’t exactly the most educated. Probably had no idea of such crimes. That something like this didn’t happen in their small town. Her mother told her, that her dad threatened the man with the lose of his life. But only if he was to touched her again.

Sure. At the time it may have sounded good. But it didn’t take away the sick feeling she would get, when he still visited. She couldn’t understand. Why didn’t her dad go ahead and physically do harm to that man. Why weren’t there the ways of trapping such vile creatures, like there is today.

The thoughts of hurting him don’t come as often, but they are still there. She’d still like to torture him. She has given it a lot of thought to the idea. How she would trap him, where she’d trap him and what she would do to him for days. But she knows, if she were to act upon those images and realize them. She’d be no better than him. And she is better than him.


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