Broken mind, broken thought. A mind lost with the chaos of its surroundings. Turmoil floods the brain and darkness settles in. Hate breeds hate and compassion is void. Our hearts harden with each passing moment. Only to become a useless stone.

People pass one another, not a smile is shared. No light in your eyes, they only return glares of disgust. Fangs of jealousy show when they open their mouths as they speak. Venom spews like poison to any on looker. Adding fuel to the fire, that burns our soul to ash.

Not able to beauty, the eyes are clouded by the darkness.. nothing shines, all is dull,  dingy; covered in an onyx hue. Spines sag with sadness and gloom. No reason to look up. The sun blocked by the clouds of despair. Not a ray is able to break through. Blanketed by oppression.

The blackness inside spreads and seeps to the outer. Everyone can see the nothingness that has become. The nothing that has covered all things, until there is, no good. No light. No love.


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