Another Side

My eyes burn red, from the pounding in my head.

Crimson drips from my fingers tips, I can taste it on my lips.

My jaw is tight, from clinching with all my might.

Pleased with the carnage I have caused, I obey no man’s law.

Seething with pleasure, no pain can be measured.

Bones are broken, flesh is torn.

A new psychopath has just been born.

Chunks I tear out, with my teeth,

On your best day, I can’t be beat.

Patients I have none, they all are gone.

Snapping off digits, just like a fern frons.

My heart beats fast, the sweat is pouring.

What I do, is far from boring.

Prison no way, I’m not going.

For my talents I won’t be showing.

To myself, I’ll keep it all.

This I’m sure will prevent my fall.


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