Holding It Back

People, places and things.

All can inspire or bring sadness.

Music can take us into the past,

Or shove us into the future.

We will fall in muck and unglamorous stuff,

And it won’t always be easy for us to get up.

Many hearts are filled with darkness and dread,

That’s when we need to get out of our heads.

There was a time my heart was blackened,

Burnt from the abuse of another.

A sickened human, with the face of a friend,

I thought that it never end.

I grew older and finally stopped it,.

Right now to me he doesn’t mean shit.

Each day I’m dealt, further away from it I walk.

I could have let it kill me,

I could have let it turn me inside out.

But it didn’t do either of those.

There are times it slows my progress,

But I will never let it stop me


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