Broken mind, broken thoughts. Lost in the surroundings of chaos. Turmoil floods the brain and darkness settles in. Hate breeds hate and compassion is lost. Our hearts harden with each passing moment. Only to become a useless stone. People pass one another, not a smile is shared. No light in their eyes, only a glare is returned. Venom spewed like poison instead of words. No onlooker is safe, adding fuel to this fire of hate. Burning our souls to ash. Unable to see beauty, eyes shaded with infinite darkness. All is dull, dingy; covered with an onyx hue. Spines slump in sadness and gloom. No reason to look up. The sun, blocked by clouds of despair. The weak ray cannot break through. Blocked with the façade of oppression. The blackness inside spreads and seeps out. Covering everything in its path. Everyone can only see the nothingness that has become. The nothing that has covered all things. No good, no light. No Love.


The past is just that, the past. It cannot be changed or altered. If there are parts that hurt, we can try and squash the memory. But some are to deeply burnt into our minds. Images that only seldom leave our brain. Drugs, alcohol, sex, or work we try cloud them. Changing the focus so they are no longer clear. I’ve often made them dark, because when I turn on the darkness, I’m getting my revenge. Revenge for the pain I didn’t ask for and was old enough to make that decision on my own. I know life is to be what we make it. But sometimes we can get tripped up on the things that have knocked us down. It took a while for me to finally pull myself up from the floor. But I did it. That doesn’t mean I’ve never fallen again. I have just gotten a little better each time I get up.

Holding It Back

People, places and things.

All can inspire or bring sadness.

Music can take us into the past,

Or shove us into the future.

We will fall in muck and unglamorous stuff,

And it won’t always be easy for us to get up.

Many hearts are filled with darkness and dread,

That’s when we need to get out of our heads.

There was a time my heart was blackened,

Burnt from the abuse of another.

A sickened human, with the face of a friend,

I thought that it never end.

I grew older and finally stopped it,.

Right now to me he doesn’t mean shit.

Each day I’m dealt, further away from it I walk.

I could have let it kill me,

I could have let it turn me inside out.

But it didn’t do either of those.

There are times it slows my progress,

But I will never let it stop me


Many fly around in my mind. To harness them, I wrap my fingers around a pen. If at the computer, the keyboard is a magnet pulling my fingertips to it. At first there is a sputter. Then all the cylinders fire. At times my mind passes the speed of my tapping. So there is some backtracking. Getting it down I’ve read is the most important. Edit later. I put as much as I can down, emptying my head as often as possible. Sometimes it still doesn’t seem to be enough.


Under the shade, of tree, I sit. Calming my mind, from its latest fit. Spinning in circles, but finally stopped. The vein in my forehead wanted to pop. My eyes feel weird, not quite right. Whatever it is, I still have sight. acorns dropping one by one. With a soft breeze, just having fun. Cooling the sweat above my brow, yesterday almost made me bow. Out. Not here, not there, but I will always be. Something isn’t right, just off center. Maybe a virus, I, its entered. I could lye down and take a nap. But I’d rather be rocked in a lap. Rock away the troubles and all the woes, but often that’s the way life goes.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. It’s like we’ve turned into media whores. Posts, Tweets and pictures everywhere, often wondering; does anyone care. Videos, GIFS and clips so crazy. No words are said because we are too busy typing. Music, paintings, & sculptures are found. And to get you out to experience it one has to hound. So for a moment, just a moment. Sit it all down. The iPad, iphone,or smart phone whatever. Pull out a notebook and write a loved one a letter. You may never have the opportunity later. One or the other could be gone.